Iphone Diving Log to PC Sync problem

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Iphone Diving Log to PC Sync problem

Post by socaldiver »

Hi there,

I've been using your software for a while and recently, I have been unable to use the wifi function to download my dives from the phone app.

Before you link me to your help page, here's what I've done. Re-downloaded Itunes (from apple, not windows). re-installed Bonjour. I have restarted the computer, router, phone, and my even my damn fridge and microwave. I do not have Avast or AVG blocking it. I have McAfee and even if I open it, it doesn't work. yes, I'm on the same Wifi-network.

When I try downloading my dives from my phone to the pc app, everything goes well and then it gets stuck in "converting" mode and it can be there for days if I let it. What gives? I haven't done anything new to my computer and it's been giving me grief for well over a month now.

Very frustrating. What do you suggest? I don't use dropbox or google drive. I would like to use the function that this application advertises it can do.

Please advise.

I decided to jump to the next stage where you will ask me for my screen capture. Here is it.
Screenshot 2023-02-12 195030.png
Screenshot 2023-02-12 195030.png (136.03 KiB) Viewed 71 times
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Re: Iphone Diving Log to PC Sync problem

Post by divinglog »

When it is stuck at the "Converting" stage, I think there might be a problem with the logbook data from the iPhone. The transfer seem to work fine, it's the import that's failing. But from the screenshot it even looks like the import is working.

Can you send me your Windows desktop logbook (*.mdb) and your iPhone logbook (*.sql). You can retrieve your iPhone logbook by clicking the "Backup" button in the Screenshot above. It should be clickable when you do not have an active sync running.
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Re: Iphone Diving Log to PC Sync problem

Post by AlexisOrtega »

Ich hatte diese Art von Fehler noch nie.
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