Show time-of-day along top of profile...

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Show time-of-day along top of profile...

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Could we add the time-of-day along the top of the dive profile?

We have the dive-time along the bottom, the x-axis, and the grid showing that dive-time & depth... So the time-of-day would be the 2nd x-axis on the top.

The time-of-day almost certainly won't line up with that grid of the dive-time, so perhaps just have tick-marks showing under the time every 5-mins, whatever, depending on the scaling... they'll be enough for us to estimate the time when we're interested in it. The time-in would be shown at the top of the y-axis, and the exit time could be shown at the other end (hmmm, tricky with the OSTC and it's 4 minutes of trailing surface profile, easy on the Suunto)

This time-of-day would also show with the details you have that show where the cursor currently is (dive-time, cursor-depth, profile-depth, etc...), so it would show the time-of-day at the cursor.

We do research dives quite often here, so knowing what time were at a certain depth or you saw something is sometimes handy.

This optional feature isn't desperately needed... we can calculate it for sure... but it'd be a nice-to-have :-)
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