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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ

Can I download my dive computer with Diving Log, is my computer supported?
All supported dive computers are listed on this website. A direct download function is located under the "Download" section in the left sidebar of Diving Log. Der "Universal Downloader" unterst├╝tzt viele verschiedene Modelle. If you can't find a direct download for your computer, you have to import from the manufacturer software.Go to top
My Diving Log 5.0 unlock code doesn't work for version 6.0. What should I do?
The 5.0 key must be updated to a 6.0 key as described on this page.Go to top
I have Diving Log 5.0, how can I update to version 6.0
Download and install Diving Log 6.0. Then update your 5.0 unlock code to a version 6.0 code here. The logbook file will be automatically used from version 5.0.Go to top
Will there be a Mac OS version of Diving Log?
A Mac version is unfortunately due to technical reasons not possible in the near future. But you can run Diving Log with VMware Fusion or Parallels on Mac OS.Go to top
I have unfortunately lost my unlock code or don't know how to enter it, do I have to buy Diving Log again?
No, just click here to retrieve your unlock keys.Go to top
The downloader in Diving Log supports only COM ports, but my computer is connected via USB. What should I do?
Just connect your dive computer to the USB port and a virtuell COM port will be created, which you can use to download your dive computer. If you see more than one COM port, watch the port list when you connect your dive computer to see which one will be added.Go to top
I've already bought the Dive Log app for my iPhone/iPad or Android. Do I have to buy Diving Log again for the PC?
I'm not the author of the iPhone, iPad or Android Dive Log, it is from another developer. We are 2 different companies and thus Diving Log for the Desktop is a separate purchase. Both applications are standalone logbook applications, which can share and sync logbook data.Go to top
How can I switch from Metric units to Imperial units?
You can change the units and language in the menu "File > Preferences".Go to top
I have an Uemis Zurich dive computer, are you going to support importing dives from this computer?
You can find in the "Web" menu of the main toolbar a synchronization for the myUemis website.Go to top
After installing the latest update Diving Log doesn't start anymore or there are other errors.
If you have any problems after installing the update, I suggest you install first the full setup (not the update) into the same directory. If there are further problems, please write me an email with the description of the problem (error message).Go to top
During the import of my dives in Diving Log an error occured, what should I do?
Please send me the logbook file you want to import, and copy the error message from the import protocol to the email. I'll try to find then the problem.Go to top
In my dive club several people have interest in buying Diving Log. Is there a cheaper volume licence?
Yes, please contact me and I'll offer you cheaper licences.Go to top
Can I access my logbook data without Diving Log?
Yes, Diving Log uses a common database format. The logbook is saved as a Microsoft Access 2000 database which you can access from several programs.Go to top
Can I user Diving Log with 2 (or more) persons?
Yes, you can create with Diving Log as much new logbooks as you want (menu File - New Logbook)Go to top
I have a PC and a Laptop and want to use Diving Log on both machines. Do I have to buy 2 licences?
No, when both devices belong the same person, only one licence is necessary.Go to top
Where and in what format is my dive data saved in Diving Log?
Diving Log saves all data in a Microsoft Access 2000 database which is located in a subfolder called "Diving Log" within the personal folder (My Documents).Go to top
I have created a new report file for the print function and want to share it with other Diving Log users.
Send me your report file (*.crd, *.lst) and I'll add the file to the Report Download Website.Go to top
Are there any other layouts for the print function in Diving Log?
Yes, you can download more reports on the Report Download Website. But you can also change any layout with the report designer to fit your requirements (menu File > Print > Designer).Go to top
What can I do with the MySQL dump export function?
You can import the MySQL dump file on any webserver which runs a MySQL database. This way you can simply publish your dives on a website. You can find more informations here: Online LogbookGo to top
What can I do with the UDCF or UDDF export function?
Those are XML based files for exchanging dive data. You can find a list of compatible programs here.Go to top
When I start the setup program, I'll get the message "The setup files are corrupted. Please optain a new copy of the program".
The download was interrupted and so the file is incomplete. Simply delete the file and download it again. When you have a slow internet connection I suggest you use a download manager.Go to top
I want to publish my dives on a website, which is the easiest way?
There are several ways to get your dives from Diving Log online. On this website you can find some: Online LogbookGo to top
Will there be a Linux version of Diving Log?
A Linux version is unfortunately not planned. But you can run Diving Log with Virtual Box on a Linux system.Go to top
My email address has changed, but I want to be informed in future about updates.
Please send me your old and your new email address. I'll use then new one for future newsletters.Go to top
I have a dive computer XYZ, will there be a download function in Diving Log in the next time?
Diving Log is using the Libdivecomputer library. You can support this project to add additional dive computers.Go to top
I have some really good suggestions to improve Diving Log, is there any interest?
Yes of course! Diving Log will be improved on and on, most of the current features are based on customer suggestions. Also if you find any bugs, please write me. But I unfortunately can't tell you when a special feature will be released, because there are may factors.Go to top
Where can I find country flags to add them in Diving Log?
You can download country flags here: Wikimedia or FlaggenlexikonGo to top
I have a dive computer with a software, where no import function exists in Diving Log.
Please send me an expample logbook with some dives and a link where I can download the software. I'll try then to implement an import function in Diving Log.Go to top