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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ

Is my personal data sent over a secure connection?
Yes, both systems PayPal and ShareIt use a SSL secured connection to guarantee the best secureness.Go to top
I've lost my unlock code, do I have to buy Diving Log again?
No, simply write me an email with your full name which you have used during the registration, I'll send you then your unlock code again. But I advice you to keep your code on a save place or print it.Go to top
I don't received for some time an unlock code and don't get a response to my email questions.
Please check your spam filter, in most cases the emails were blocked. In some rare cases email can also be deleted from your provider, so that you never see them. Emails can also have delays of several hours and please check also that you entered a correct email address during the order process. When all this doesn't help, please write a posting in the Supportforum, here you won't have any communication problems or try another email account.Go to top
I've payed via wire transfer to ShareIt, but don't received an unlock code yet.
ShareIt will send automatically the unlock code when they received the money. If it takes longer than a week, please write me an email. If you have further questions regarding ShareIt, you can also take a look in the Customer Care Center.Go to top
I've just ordered Diving Log via PayPal and don't received an unlock code yet. What should I do?
After a PayPal order it can take some hours to send the unlock code, because this is a manual process. But normally this will happen really quick, so that PayPal is the recommended payment method. But if you need your unlock code immediately it is better to choose ShareIt with the credit card option. Then your code will be displayed right after your order.Go to top